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The Story of "Planhero Der Ausfallmanager (The Absence Manager)"

The inception of “Planhero Der Ausfallmanager (The Absence Manager)” is closely linked to Dr. Michél Graupner’s extensive experience in nursing and hospital management. Throughout his career, he engaged in numerous discussions with nursing directors, hospital administrators, and ward managers. A recurrent issue surfaced: the laborious process of creating staff schedules, often done via Excel or even manually. This time-consuming practice was particularly burdensome in a field already suffering from a critical shortage of skilled workers, as is the case in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Often, no sooner was a schedule finalized than it had to be revised due to staff illness.

Dr. Graupner was deeply troubled by this inefficient system and resolved to offer a solution. Leveraging modern technology, he developed an algorithm and artificial intelligence capable of automatically generating customizable schedules, taking into account collective agreements and employee preferences.

Surpassing the offerings of major software players in the sector, who had not effectively addressed this problem, Dr. Graupner launched Planhero Der Ausfallmanager” in 2021. However, this software does much more than just schedule creation. It also considers various legal requirements such as nursing ratios and care levels mandated in the DACH region according to German care standards.

Furthermore, Dr. Graupner and his team developed an algorithm and scoring system that swiftly resolves staff shortages due to illness or training times, hus enabling more efficient personnel deployment. This leads to significant savings in time and costs.
Despite these obvious benefits, the adoption of such systems in Germany has been slower and more challenging than anticipated due to decision- making hesitancy and a lack of IT personnel in facilities. However, Dr. Graupner and his team see great potential for Planhero in the Middle East, particularly in the UAE. The region is receptive to innovative and smart software solutions that can be used not only in healthcare but also in other industries like hospitality, policing, security, or aviation, where shift systems
are prevalent.

Therefore, Planhero Der Ausfallmanager stands at the brink of a promising future, where the software can bring efficiency, time-saving, and cost reduction across various industries.

6-Star Luxury Residency with Assisted Living

The vision for “Glanzhaus”, a 6-star luxury senior living facility with assisted living, is the culmination of profound experience and an innovative spirit, shaped by MROTHE Holding, a leading healthcare holding company from Germany.

The idea was conceived by Dr. Michél Graupner, the founder of MROTHE Holding, who identified a significant gap in the quality of senior care. Through his travels and experiences in the healthcare sector in Germany, and interactions with luxury care facilities in Switzerland and Germany, he observed that despite good standards, challenges like time constraints, shortage of workforce, and financial limitations were compromising the quality of care. Furthermore, he noted that the DACH region was resistant to new ideas such as AI and robotics, as reflected in the experiences of his subsidiary, Planhero, specializing in automated staff scheduling and automated staff shortage management.

“Glanzhaus” is designed to bring the renowned German standard of care, known for its quality and excellence, to the Middle East. It merges the most advanced elements of digitalization, artificial intelligence, and robotics with luxury and prosperity. The aim is to provide a level of care that combines technological advancements with the highest standards.


Healthcare sector investments

Investing in the healthcare sector presents a compelling alternative to traditional investment avenues. At MROTHE Holding’s Wealth Management division, we specialize in identifying and cultivating investment opportunities that promise financial returns and contribute to the greater good of society. With over a decade of experience in healthcare investment, we have a proven track record of success. Our projects span from caregiving initiatives to innovative software solutions, all aimed at driving sustainable growth and redefining healthcare standards.


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